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Bailey Bermond, Miller Fellow, The Antioch School

Bailey Bermond has spent this past year as a Miller Fellow, working at the Antioch School. The Antioch School is one of the oldest democratic schools in the country and was formerly the lab school for Antioch College education students. Bailey shared her time with students in the Nursery, Forest Kindergarten, Younger Group and Older Group. Pictured here is Bailey with Chris Powell, Older Group teacher. Here is an excerpt from her coo-op reflection paper.

“A natural transition from a week’s end looks like a base camp fit for little humans: Forest Kindergarten.  It’s a beautiful April morning.  I get to ride my bike wearing short sleeves, my favorite.  I breathe in the cool spring air that’s fragranced with wild flowers that we learn about out here.  I feel gratitude for the bird songs floating through the air.  I arrive to our forest classroom in a relaxed manner — we all gather at different times up until 9 AM, when we go out for a hike in the Glen in our backyard.  Today will be a short one — because younger Group will be joining us for some exploration with microscopes and slides.  Last week we hiked for the full day and were picked up at the Raptor Center after an educational presentation.  
Various reporters and journalists joined us to learn more about our new kindergarten program.  First the Cincinnati Inquirer, where I had my picture taken making french toast for snack with one of my favorite students named Kaede.  The story was picked up by associated press and posted in the Washington Times.  I told the Yellow Springs News reporter that Forest Kindergarten is lovely and I feel so lucky to be here.  Witnessing the changing of the seasons in the Glen is brilliant.  Each week we note the shifts in the scenery.  On our hike to the Horace Mann memorial, the kids noted the rich history of their school. “If it weren’t for Horace Mann… None of us would be here right now!” Elijah exclaimed.  The children pondered this deeply.  “If there was no Horace Mann, there would be no Antioch College… and if there was no Antioch College, there would be no Antioch School!  And if there was no Antioch School… Well, I don’t want to talk about it.  It’s too scary.” Elijah continued.  I am grateful to have caught this on film.”

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Beth Bridgeman joined the Cooperative Education faculty in 2013. Her professional practice areas are informed by community engagement and student-centered experiential learning pedagogy. She specializes in sustainable agriculture, community resiliency and field-based education. Beth has designed new courses in co-constructed learning, reskilling and resilience, and integrative learning in food, farming and resilience. She is deeply involved in community life at Antioch College.

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