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Fellowships & Funding Opportunities

Lloyd Family Fellowship Fund

One of the features of life as an Antioch student is the opportunity to position oneself for participation in collaborative ventures supported by alumni, faulty, staff, or friends of the institution who have a long-term view of the College’s history and understand its potential to make an impact on the world. One particular group that has earned a reputation for its contributions to social issues internationally is the Lloyd Family, which after pooling resources from five extended family groups, made a significant donation to the College in 1989.

A cornerstone of the initiative is the Lloyd Family Co-op Student Fellowships in Peace Studies and World Law, which are offered on a competitive basis to support students who are committed to becoming active change agents focused on understanding conflict in international, intercultural and intergroup settings, while developing the intellectual and practical skills necessary for the promotion of peace, global citizenship, conflict management, and world law. The fellowships are intended to backstop Antioch’s institutional commitment to educating global citizens by engaging students directly in rigorous, inspiring, and transformative co-op experiences in regions where the Cooperative Education Program is committed to building collaborative relationships. Awardees are expected to involve themselves deeply with host organizations in order to contribute to their efforts, learn from the experience of sustained engagement, expand collaboration, communicate ideas, and encourage creative approaches to the reduction of conflict and the promotion of peace.

This merit-based fellowship program provides stipends for co-op students to cover travel, housing and/or living costs when engaged with organizations that play an integral role in the promotion of peace, global citizenship, conflict management, and world law. Award amounts are determined by travel and living costs for given locations as well as the availability of funds, but generally fall within the range of $1,500 to $3,500 per co-op term. Students who meet the requirements and feel they will be well-positioned to apply for a Lloyd Co-op fellowship are encouraged to meet with their co-op advisors in order to examine appropriate international opportunities and develop their applications.

The promotion of an “optimistic view of the possibilities in social change,” we believe, is integral to a liberal arts education. In the words of former Antioch College president Algo Henderson, one of the primary functions of an institution of higher learning is “to stimulate the society of which it is a part to strive constantly toward better ways of living” (1946). We are grateful to the Lloyd family for its generosity, its ideas, and for its faith in the ability of Antioch co-op students to make significant contributions toward the promotion of a more peaceful and collaborative global society. We are also proud of our students who are committed to developing language skills, strengthening their ability to communicate across cultural divides, and using their co-op opportunities to promote peace.

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Leo and Pearl Guzik Family Fellowship Fund

The Leo and Pearl Guzik Co-op Student Fellowships are intended to support students who are committed to broadening their understanding of Jewish culture, history, and society while working with an organization that can facilitate significant contact with people and ideas relating to life in Jewish societies. Fellowship stipends totaling between $1,500 and $3,000 for an academic term are intended to cover a portion of a co-op student’s travel, housing, and/or living costs when working with organizations involved in cooperative education agreements with Antioch College. Awardees are expected to involve themselves deeply in the networks afforded by co-op employment in order to expand collaboration, communicate ideas, contribute to research projects, collect data for their own preliminary research projects, and encourage creative approaches to the study of Jewish culture, history, and society.

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