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    Tanya Couch

    When considering how best to feed yourself, it’s good to plan in advance what you’re going to eat for the week–as lots of other students have said! If you have a to-go container of some kind, eating leftovers for lunch can be more delicious and cheaper than buying food during your lunch break. You can also begin to figure out how to make foods that you really like without spending a lot of money. Budget Bytes is a good place to begin your cheap-meal project, as it can help you get thinking about how to reduce the cost of recipes. She has a lot of recipes with itemized costs included, which can remove a lot of the anxiety of budget-shopping at the grocery store. Yummly is helpful too for when you have some foods on hand but can’t think of what to make with them–it allows you to search for recipes by ingredient, so you can input some of the foods you do have and then think about your options.

    By: Jane Foreman, Class of 2017

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