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Student Spotlight: Tyler Clapsaddle ’19

For his first co-­op, Tyler Clapsaddle traveled to the beautiful, isolated location of Lopez Island, WA. There he became acquainted with the owners of Horse Drawn Farms, “an 80­-acre market vegetable and livestock operation that acts under principles of stewardship, sustainability, and self­-sufficiency.” Working as a farm hand, Tyler spent most of his time tending to the livestock: herding sheep, milking cows, caring for the pigs. When he was not focused on the livestock, his responsibilities turned to more work on the land from tilling, planting transplants, to laying down protective cloth. He found himself immersed in a world of learning, always seeking to ask “why” and digging deeper into his work for greater understanding. As Tyler coins it, he is “forever a student.” Through this thoughtful meditation, Tyler found himself becoming more process-­driven in his everyday life, whether it be doing homework or completing farm chores. Beyond the daily work on the farm, Tyler worked to educate the locals on the efforts of Horse Drawn Farm, to foster an appreciation and support of organic, mindfull farming methods.


Photo Credit: Tyler Clapsaddle ’19

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Beth Bridgeman joined the Cooperative Education faculty in 2013. Her professional practice areas are informed by community engagement and student-centered experiential learning pedagogy. Her work focuses on ecological agriculture, reskilling and resiliency and field-based education. Beth has designed courses in co-constructed learning, reskilling and resilience, integrative learning on the Antioch Farm, plant medicine and herbalism, seed-saving, and harvest preservation.

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