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Increasing Connectivity: Thomas Amrhein ’20 at WYSO in Yellow Springs, Ohio

For the past four years, I have been volunteering at our local NPR affiliate radio station, WYSO. I have worked closely with Juliet Fromholt on her show Kaleidoscope, and gone through the Community Voices training necessary to work on production commissions for the station. Now, through the Miller Fellow Program, I have been able to work for them full time. Much of my work has been been producing new segments for our Antioch-centered podcast, The Antioch Word. Check out our stories at:

In addition, I’ve been looking into efforts to increase connectivity between current students, curriculum and WYSO. Antioch has long had what it refers to as assets. These include Glen Helen, The Health and Wellness Center, the Antioch Farm, the kitchens, WYSO, and arguments could be made for more. As it currently stands, we are working to integrate these assets more fully into the curriculum. Additional access for students would allow for curriculum developments, new collaborations between various entities on and around campus, as well as development of the tight-knit college community Antioch aspires to be.

WYSO—with the support of the Yellow Springs Community Foundation Miller Fellow program, among others—is already doing much of this, with their incredibly busy staff carving out time to teach and host events for students that want to get involved with them. They value their connections with the students and college, but cannot always accommodate the level of interest and new ideas while simultaneously running a 50,000 Watt radio station.

A large component of my job is to look into how we can improve student-WYSO connections, and create an environment that encourages students to get involved with broadcast journalism, all the while not putting too much strain on WYSO’s staff. So far, it has been a great learning curve. I look forward to see how more initiatives and students carry this further in the future.

The Antioch Word:


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Thomas Amrhein is a Media Arts major at Antioch College. He works primarily with audio, creating stories, podcasts, and music. He also makes a point to work with his hands and body as much as possible. Thomas uses these two platforms to navigate collaboration with different people, on different projects.

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