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Experiential education that engages the world

Antioch College promotes meaningful engagement with the world through intentional linkages between campus-centered and field-based experiential learning. For nearly a century, a central component of Antioch’s progressive education model has been its flagship Cooperative Education (Co-op) Program. Through Co-op, students spend up to a third of their academic program—a minimum of three academic terms—engaged in the kinds of full-time work, research, artistic production, or self-directed enterprise that have earned Antioch students an international reputation for creativity, industriousness, and ingenuity.

By linking the life of the mind with the practical experience of work, Co-op animates a unique liberal arts curriculum that positions students to take action in the world. Not only do Antioch students graduate with an outstanding education, an impressive resume, and compelling stories of co-op adventure in distant locales, they gain exposure to innovative workplaces and discover their unique talents as they apply themselves to real problems in the world. Through sustained involvement with a variety of partner organizations throughout their college careers, students learn to navigate complex environments, experiment with solution-oriented approaches, negotiate for themselves, and mobilize resources to affect change in diverse settings.