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Suggest a Co-op Opportunity

The Cooperative Education Program invites alumni, community members, and friends of Antioch College to submit suggestions for co-op student opportunities and to otherwise propose ideas for engaging with us!

+ Are you launching a new initiative, creating a position, or seeking fresh talent for your organization?

+ Do you need help to complete a special project, to assist with a seasonal initiative, or to support your team during a staff transition?

+ Have you considered how an energetic Antioch student can infuse new ideas and bring a dynamic perspective to an organization?

We are always thrilled when someone makes a position available for a co-op student or convinces a colleague to do so. Growing the Co-op Program is a great way to become involved in our academic community and contribute to a current student’s education. For more information, you can read the Co-op Partnership Guide and other information on our Co-op Partnerships Basics page.

We would like to encourage you to consider other ways to support the Co-op Program through our Antioch Works Initiative.  If you have questions please feel free to contact our office to be in direct communication with our team.

Luisa Bieri
Dean of Cooperative, International & Community-based Learning
Antioch College