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Antioch College students spend up to a 1/3rd of their undergraduate experience in the real world— testing concepts and applying theory from the classroom while reflecting on what it means to lead an impactful life.

Antioch students bring new ideas & vitality to our co-op partners, powering programs and special projects through directed full-time work and research across 15 key industries & communities of practice.

Psychology, Mindfulness, & Wellness

This third co-op was a combination of website work, preparation for my 4th Spanish co-op, and a lot of reflection on my part. For starters, I had two separate jobs. One

Greetings from the Dayton Quest Center in Dayton, Ohio! My name is Kyna Burke, and this quarter marks the beginning of my third Co-op term and my third year at

Above, is a photo taken by my friend Holger Bartles, a long time Buddhist practitioner and professional photographer. Holger was happy to take my photo when I asked him, his

Imagine the cold wind on your face as you fly down the mountain, waist deep in snow with a beautiful blue sky over head. Everywhere you look is covered in

I am a second-year undergraduate student in Antioch College. I am currently doing my second internship for an organization called the Crotched Mountain Foundation. This is a non-profit organization which

Above is a picture from the path to my tent. It’s a short walk to the main campus from the campsite. Steam was rising from the mountaintops in the distance

Dear Readers, For my final Co-Op experience as a fourth-year Antiochian I traveled to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Here I am working for Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts, where very skilled

For my first co-op I’ve been working at Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center. More specifically, I’ve been working at the Crotched Mountain School, which strives to support students with disabilities through

Policy, Advocacy, & Law

The sun was bright, the heat was strong, and the smell of clean air filled the town. This description would normally be the detailed depiction of what heaven would be,

On my first co-op with the Transgender Law Center, I've come to learn that all skill sets are needed to become an effective organizer. I've learned that you don't call

I’m a first year student at Antioch, working on myself and my self-designed major. I’m studying economics and law and history, because I feel compelled to help people in whichever

As a second-year student with an interest in immigration law, I decided to do my co-op at RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), located in Houston,

My name is Lanique Dawson, I'm a third-year student and I'm on my second co-op as an educator at the Paraclete Center and environmental policy intern at Save the Harbor/Save

I am working as an Executive Intern for the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and engagement of African American and black immigrant

My third co-op was a mixture of immersing myself in place, connecting with my roots, and searching for clues to my future. It was emotionally challenging, but immensely rewarding because

For my first co-op term, I chose to do a self-designed co-op at the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. The focus of NGLCC is to

Arts & Performance

As a second-year student with an interest in psychology, literature and the arts,  I decided to do my co-op at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, a museum that encourages

Hi there, my name is Maria N. Ramirez and this past winter, I was an intern at The Kitchen. A non-profit, multi-disciplinary art and performance space located in the Chelsea

  My name is Akili Hayden and I’m currently a First Year at Antioch College pursuing a self-design major in Social Psychology and Arts Communications. Through Antioch’s Co-op program, I was

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. One of the largest museum collections in the country. And here I was, a second year undergraduate student. I was assisting a fashion curator

Flux Factory is an artist residency located in Queens New York

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="457"] Photo credit: Carissa Potter for Bay Area Made[/caption]   The street leading up to Carissa's house is completely blanketed with the thick, sweet smell of honeysuckle. Oakland is

It's  2019, I'm in my fourth year at Antioch College and I'm on my fifth co-op in Buenos Aires Argentina working with the mujeresfrom Mujeres De Artes Tomar. These women

[caption id="attachment_10567" align="alignleft" width="300"] Home, sweet Homer.[/caption] I arrived in Homer, Alaska two weeks early for the summer quarter. Knowing that the quarter would only last five and a half weeks

Media Arts & Communication

Hi there, my name is Maria N. Ramirez and this past winter, I was an intern at The Kitchen. A non-profit, multi-disciplinary art and performance space located in the Chelsea

  Hello, my name is Cara Stedman and my Co-Op job is with Antioch College’s Media Services Department. This is different from the college’s media arts department. Instead of working with

Developing platforms and holding space is something that is very important to me. I know first hand what not having a voice feels like. Since being at Antioch, I decided to

Oral History in the Liberal Arts is a project that I just cannot seem to stay away from. For my fourth and final co-op of my Antioch career I have

On the first day of my co-op I was not entirely sure what to expect. After traveling over 300 miles and finally arriving in Santa Monica. I was there for

In the summer of 2011, between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I went on a mini-road trip with my family, along the West Coast. This was primarily

For my final co-op, I wanted to work directly with the community I've come to know and love during my past three years at Antioch College. With this idea in

For the past four years, I have been volunteering at our local NPR affiliate radio station, WYSO. I have worked closely with Juliet Fromholt on her show Kaleidoscope, and gone

Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture, & Culinary Arts

Even as I sit in a makeshift office in the corner of my room, speaking with Krista Magaw from the Tecumseh Land Trust over my low quality webcam, I feel

The Antioch College farm was created to provide a space for learning about sustainable, ecological agriculture while also providing the college with fresh, organically grown produce. Much of the work that keeps the

Reskilling and Resilience One of the consequences of increasing specialization and monetization of the economy is that skills that were once common among the general population are now shared by few.

"I want to spend the summer outdoors." -Me, to Cooperative Education faculty Beth Bridgeman, circa June 2017. I got my wish. For my final co-op at Antioch College, I am working

I'm writing from the Antioch College Farm. I have spent all spring tending to our beloved kale--and more! I have immersed myself in the growing experience here at Antioch, digging around in

My second co-op has been spent at an organization by the name of Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa. Seed Savers Exchange is an organization dedicated to conserving and promoting

This March, co-op faculty member Beth Bridgeman facilitated a visit to campus from Kim Nace, the executive director of the Rich Earth Insitute. The Rich Earth Institute is an organization that

Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers, now a wide spread health food chain, was founded by Margaret and Phillip Isely in 1955.  They were inspired to start this company by Margaret’s own

Education & Youth Empowerment

Over this co-op, I've had a lot of new experiences. I've lived with new people. I've been in new places. I've learned new things. I've done my absolute best throughout

Scratches and scribbles on purple paper, rocks and beads, “we found these for you teacher Lexi”. Unapologetic  For years now, I have been indefinitely concerned with the idea of perfection. This lingering,

Being present is an incredible thing. Being present among children is more important. Sometimes you will find yourself getting lost in your routine and wonder how you might adjust to

I come from a small school in a big city. I spent most of my time studying, I never had a job and I sold cookies for pocket change. I

I have always described myself as a living paradox. I like my room to be clean, very clean. In fact, I start everyday by making my bed, and I vacuum

[caption id="attachment_10567" align="alignleft" width="300"] Home, sweet Homer.[/caption] I arrived in Homer, Alaska two weeks early for the summer quarter. Knowing that the quarter would only last five and a half weeks

I am interning at Buen Dia Family School in San Francisco, California. Buen Dia is a preschool that is primarily art-based with a Spanish language component. Their educational approach is

"You play with me and saved my structure. I like you forever." I am on co-op at Buen Dia Family School, a preschool that was founded 40 years ago (1977) in

Legend holds that an Antiochian can be parachuted anywhere, and they’ll find a job, a place to live (and some friends) within three days. Being nimble in the world requires agency and innovation, traits developed through experience at Antioch College…