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A journal of social practice & professional engagement for the Antioch community

Antioch College students spend up to a 1/3rd of their undergraduate experience in the real world— testing concepts and applying theory from the classroom while reflecting on what it means to lead an impactful life.

Antioch students bring new ideas & vitality to our co-op partners, powering programs and special projects through directed full-time work and research across 15 key industries & communities of practice.

Psychology, Mindfulness, & Wellness

  In a valley that, if observed from up high, resembles a bowl- there is a village of twelve houses. They hold farmers, bakers, and candlemakers. These houses do not have

“Estia Agios Nikolaos is the only community in Greece where adults with special needs live, work and spend their free time together with their caregivers.” When I started my first year

Above, is a photo taken by my friend Holger Bartles, a long time Buddhist practitioner and professional photographer. Holger was happy to take my photo when I asked him, his

The past few months have been a whirlwind of color and chaos as I have made my way through Mumbai, India for my first co-op experience. I am working at

Policy, Advocacy, & Law

Throughout my past co-op, I have experienced many interesting things, not only through my current position as an Executive Assistant with the Delaware Department of Labor but also with my

The first time I entered the Daley Center in downtown Chicago was a jarring experience. Not because of witnessing someone being dragged out of a courtroom screaming obscenities at the

My co-op is with the one and only Roger Ashodian, a lawyer in Philadelphia where I recently moved to live. I live right next to Saint Joseph's University and, due

I am Kensy Zelaya, a fourth-year student at Antioch College with a self-designed major in political economy and social psychology. For my last co-op, I found an internship at CARECEN,

Arts & Performance

When I thought of working for my aunt with her photography business, I thought it was a perfect idea. I liked taking pictures of nature and I believed it would

For my winter 2021 co-op term, I have been working at a public school in New York City as a teaching assistant in an art room. I work with kids

The global pandemic has put the world on co-op. I say this because the essence of co-op is the question: "what do I do?" This question is repeatedly posed by people

As a second-year student with an interest in psychology, literature and the arts,  I decided to do my co-op at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, a museum that encourages

Biomed, Public Health & Health Advocacy

This spring, my weekdays consist of rising at 6 a.m., working until 3:15, and usually class or rehearsal, while my weekends are full of dance or song practices and performances—a

For my third and final co-op I decided to stay in the Yellow Springs area to work as a Public Health Education Intern at the Greene County Health Department. I

[gallery size="medium" ids="13061,13060,13059,13058,13057,13056,13055,13054,13053"] I am currently out in California working for Visiting Angels, an in-home care franchise whose mission is to provide a workplace that gives caregivers love and respect while

  During the spring quarter I did my CO-OP at Miami Township Fire and Rescue in Yellow Springs, Ohio and attended an EMT class at Clark State Community College. MTFR is

Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture, & Culinary Arts

This spring, my weekdays consist of rising at 6 a.m., working until 3:15, and usually class or rehearsal, while my weekends are full of dance or song practices and performances—a

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience such a beautiful term. It has been incredibly eye-opening and inspirational to be around so many wonderful people who

For my second co-op, I self-designed a program which allowed me to work as an assistant project coordinate for a 140 acre farm, as well as a permaculture designer at a

My name is Aniya Coffman and I have been granted the opportunity to be an intern here at Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats in Hawaii.  The mission here is all

History, Archives & Libraries

Do you want to know something I've learned about myself while living and working at Antioch College over the past several years of my life? Other than the fact that

My third co-op is a bit like my first one, as I am writing again. It's also a bit like my second co-op, considering I am still employed within the

In 2011, a mass of protestors joined together in Zuccotti Park just outside of the Wall Street stock exchange with one major thing in common: the goal of fighting the

My name is Saul Martinez and I work in McGregor Hall on the second floor in the Office of the Registrars. We assure that all documents are accounted for and

Legend holds that an Antiochian can be parachuted anywhere, and they’ll find a job, a place to live, and some friends within three days. Being nimble in the world requires agency and innovation, traits developed through experience at Antioch College…