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Each term the Cooperative Education Program provides a list of available jobs. Students are encouraged to apply for positions from this array of opportunities. By formal petition to the dean of cooperative education, students may seek approval to substitute one or more cooperative education job(s) with self-selected major-related paid or unpaid internship(s); research appointment(s); or other academically or professionally significant experience(s).

In planning job experiences, students should consider career interests, general education goals, academic interests, previous work experiences, and their own special skills. Each work experience and all coursework provide students with additional skills for future employment.

Participating employers typically want and expect an Antioch College student each term. As partners in the work program, they rely on Antioch College students to perform work and complete tasks essential to their organizational objectives. The employer will receive from the co-op program a cover letter and résumé prepared by the student being recommended. Employers then interview the recommended applicant by phone before hiring. Timely planning is required.