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Environmental Science & Ecology

For my second co-op, I self-designed a program which allowed me to work as an assistant project coordinate for a 140 acre farm, as well

"We envision a world where people live regeneratively and cooperatively in local communities that are diverse, equitable, and just." This winter quarter 2021, I have

Everyday I wake up ready to take on a new task here at Mount Totumas. I’m a volunteer here in the Panamanian Cloud Forest,

Glen Helen Nature Preserve was donated to Antioch College by alumnus Hugh Taylor Birch in 1929, in memory of his daughter Helen. 90 years

Buenos Aires, the large, crowded capital city of Argentina, has many of the environmental problems that other large cities struggle with, such as toxic

Currently I am a community outreach intern at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. My employer’s mission is to bring exposure of the wonders and

For my final co-op at Antioch, I headed west to Santa Cruz, California, to work as a research assistant at UC Santa Cruz. This

My name is Lanique Dawson, I'm a third-year student and I'm on my second co-op as an educator at the Paraclete Center and environmental

It’s six in the morning and your alarm is going off. You reach past the glass of water you sat on your night stand

I am currently working as an assistant land manager at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. The Glen is a 1,070-acre expanse of land that was

I began working at EnviroFlight for my first Co-op in the Spring of 2014. After I finished my Co-op I stayed on as a

This summer for my final co-op I've been working at the Trailside Museum at Glen Helen. Trailside Museum is a small, museum space at

For my fourth co-op, I worked at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks’ International Arctic Research Center as a part of their Research Experience

My second co-op has been spent at an organization by the name of Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa. Seed Savers Exchange is an

Antioch College Professor Kim Landsbergen was recently quoted in American Geophysical Union journal Earth & Space Science News (Eos) on Trump's proposed budget, and cuts

My days in the heart of Georgia, surrounded by thirty acres of breathtaking gardens, consist of feeding turtles and frogs, watering plants, creating entire

For my third co-op, I am an Environmental Education Intern at the Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (Links to an external site.) (BEMP). BEMP is a

Hi I'm currently in Fairbanks, AK working at the International Arctic Research Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks as a part of their

Kim Landsbergen, Biology and Environmental Science professor, is headed to the March for Science in Washington, D.C. this weekend, April 22nd. Kim is a

This quarter, I started my co-op working at the Scholl-Ashodian Law Office in Havertown, Pennsylvania. After about a week, I realized that the job

Of all the courses at Antioch, co-op courses—and their associated assignments—tend to be the hardest for me to complete. This is because I am

I'm not sure what my co-op blog post means to you, nor what insight or enjoyment you hope to gain from reading this. But

During this co-op, I worked in the Oceanography Lab at Oregon State's College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences as a lab tech where

For my second co-op, I am working as an intern with a nonprofit organization called Literacy for Environmental Justice in southeast San Francisco. The work LEJ

Currently, I work for Glen Helen Nature Preserve as an assistant marketer, a job I got as a Miller Fellowship and then decided to

Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm is nature sanctuary, educational facility, and sustainable farm which is located just north of Dayton, Ohio near the Dayton

For my third co-op, I've been interning with the Huron River Watershed Council in Ann Arbor, Michigan. More specifically, me and the other aquatic field

The Glen Helen Nature Preserve is a great place to go hiking. It has over 1000 acres of forest and 20 miles of foot

For my third co-op I chose to work at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in the Ocean Acidification department. Mote was founded in 1955

The vision of Antioch College is to be "the place where new and better ways of living are discovered as a result of meaningful

I am now about a month into my time in Coon Rapids, Iowa, a time that has been personally challenging in a number of

Monica Bongue is the owner of Muddy Fork Farm and at the heart of her work she is an ecosystem manager. She manages

Jen Ruud '18 traveled to the Bahamas to be a part of the exciting work taking place at the Forfar Field Station. The Forfar

We envision a world where people live sustainably and cooperatively in smaller communities which are diverse, equitable, and just. Today we focus on research

When applying to Whiterock Conservancy in the winter, I could not have foreseen the diverse and incredible experiences I would have at the end

At Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, we try to get people to use their land responsibly to conserve, protect, and improve soil and water

For my first co-op, I am back in Texas, my home state, working under the Research and Development (RAND) Corporation and the City

I find it hard to believe that I've been working at Oregon State University's College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences for over a month

According to its website, the mission of the San Diego Audubon Society is “to shape a culture in San Diego where nature is a

[caption id="attachment_4824" align="alignright" width="225"] Working at Honest Folk in Rochester.[/caption] Impact Earth Inc. is a startup company whose mission is to keep waste out of

Currently, I am working for the company White Water Challengers as a river guide. White Water Challengers is a white water rafting company servicing

Hawaii- a word that immediately inspires daydreams of bright sandy beaches, lush tropic scenery bursting with flowers of every size and color, and luau

For her Spring 2016 co-op term, Emma found herself up in Putnam county of Northwest Ohio, at The Quarry Farm, a nature preserve and

During our first cooperative education experience, the co-op office presented us with the ideas of grit and flow. They asked us what roles they

This co-op I am working in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Huron River Watershed Council, a nonprofit coalition that coordinates programs and volunteer efforts aimed

Eager for a new challenge and seeking a learning adventure, Melissa Rudie '17 and Steven Taylor '17 ventured to Kauai, Hawaii for their third

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit organization with the mission of preserving the diversity of garden vegetables, flowers and herbs that have a history

You have to crawl to get into the cave, but once you go through the opening you enter a world that is steeped in

This co-op I’ve been employed at Solar Power & Light (SP&L), a solar developer based out of Miamisburg, Ohio. SP&L is a spin-off company

Dale Kondracki '17 and Wren Holden '17 spent this past spring in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, training sled dogs for the Iditerod. Here

I am a water quality research intern under the Jordan River/Farmington Bay Water Quality Council. I am from Utah and had this internship the

I’m Kelsey Pierson, first year at Antioch, and I’m spending my first co-op term in south-central Ohio, working with the Arc of Appalachia. The

My time here is spent mostly all alone, finishing difficult and physically demanding projects at my own pace. I find this kind of interaction

The journey to this moment, where I am sitting on a plane headed eventually to Malaysia, has been an interesting one for which I

Enviroflight is a tiny but growing company with an office, warehouse, greenhouse, wetlab and 3 raised garden beds. With five employees, including myself, we

I am working on an aquaculture farm in northern Ohio. We raise and harvest fish (largemouth bass and perch), shrimp, crayfish, minnows, and snails. Most