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River Guide: Katie Sherman ’19 at White Water Challengers

Currently, I am working for the company White Water Challengers as a river guide. White Water Challengers is a white water rafting company servicing the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania. As a river guide I have lots of tasks, the primary one being guiding our guests down the river, ensuring an enjoyable and safe day. The not so primary ones include such absurdities as hiking and searching for the elusive guide gnome with my coworkers, which is continually hidden anywhere in the 6,107 acres of the Lehigh Gorge State Park, playing laser tag around the guide house property, or sharing a dinner katie-sherman-white-water3after a long day on the river with all the various characters that I work with.

The company is set up in a way that is truly about the people, with the supervisors working and eating with us, and making an effort to get to know everyone personally.

Every day I learn more about the river, how to read the water, and the natural (and unnatural) flora and fauna here in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and every day my skill as a white water kayaker and guide increases. I’m glad for my opportunity to work here doing something I truly enjoy.

Photo credits: Jamie Johnson and Janet Jastremski
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Katie Sherman is an undergraduate student at Antioch College. She intends to pursue a degree in environmental science.

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