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Bringing Nature to the Community: Dawson ’19 at Glen Helen Ecology Institute in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Currently I am a community outreach intern at the Glen Helen Nature Preserve. My employer’s mission is to bring exposure of the wonders and importance of nature to those in the community. My role involves creating avenues for community members to participate within the Glen and its facilities such as the Raptor Center and the Outdoor Education Center.  I am also taking on an independent project that makes scientific research publicly available. This internship fits my educational goals because as a junior and environmental science major I am given a different perspective on how to communicate scientific and nature related activities to the community.

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<p>Hi There!</p> <p>My name is Lanique Dawson, Native New Yorker and Environmental Science Major. Passionate for improving sustainability in urban areas: water waste hazards -eutrophication,  lack of green spaces and the negative affect of the Urban Heat Island effect on current green spaces. As a trained and well practiced -1000 hours - restorative justice youth,  engaging with community  members on environmental safety matters can be more than a statement but rather a conversation. Safety can start with the youth of the community, and a goal of mine is to push environmental science educational options and opportunities further for students of k-12. In order to accomplish that goal, I can use my experience in research - Pace University & American Museum of Natural History-  as well as my current options at Antioch College - Leader of Environmental Science Fellowship - to understand the issues on a scientific level. Involving the community  can consist of  taking that gathered information and  designing it into policies, as my cohort and I had done with the Mayor of New York  City from 2013-2015 on a different study. In result the improvement of the quality in education can increase and I hope that in near future that I can be that help .</p>

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