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A Local Co-Op for this Third Year: LavenderNees ’19 at Antioch College and the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions in Yellow Springs, OH

For my third co-op, I remained in Yellow Springs. During this co-op quarter, I have spent my time dedicated to my work and taking the beginning steps towards my senior project. For this quarter, I worked as a Kitchen Assistant in the Antioch Kitchens, as a Miller Fellow for the Office for Diversity & Inclusion at Antioch College, and as a Miller Fellow for the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions. I have been extremely fortunate with the jobs that I have been hired for this quarter. I am so proud to say that I love all of them and consider myself lucky to have them on my resume.

For the research part of my co-op, I had the privilege of working with an alum of Antioch who is now an adjunct at the college. With her help, I have been able to lay the groundwork for my senior project, which is based on my self-designed major that focuses on the intersections of self through the lens of literature and anthropology.

During this co-op, I spent a great deal of time thinking about space and place, including how I view and choose space while I interact with it. My thoughts and conversation around space have helped me with my relationship with Antioch as well as helping me ground myself within my senior project and my jobs. For my co-op class, we were required to document our experiences of place and space through three documented vignettes. For my third and final one, I explored and reflected on my experiences over the last year. I spent time meditating on the Winter Solstice, the journey that I have survived, and the future that becomes me. I am ready for what comes next and I am grateful for where I am and where I have been.

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My name is Sarah LavenderNees (My preferred name is Azura) and I am in the class of 2019. My major is a self-design in Intersectionality Studies focusing on race, ethnicity, culture and religions.

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