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Radical Education: Bove ’20 at Critical Exploration Press in Auburndale, Massachusetts

I’m writing to you now from Auburndale, MA one pocket of the suburban quilt of Newton, the biggest and closest suburb of Boston. Boston is great! It has everything I could ever wish for in a moment’s notice. I’ve been on quite the sushi bender here and, while my funds cannot support that much longer, the city always can! Having taken a class at MIT at working at Harvard I’ve spent a lot of time on the trains. They can get me anywhere I want to go, albeit not as quickly as a car could (but there’s be nowhere to park!).

I’m working as an archivist at Critical Exploration Press, an educational materials publishing house in Cambridge. Thus far my job has included general office organization and archiving of books and other materials found in the office. CEPress is working to produce materials and trainings and provide resources for educators or radical education enthusiast that follow the ideals of Eleanor Duckworth. I am working to provide a comfortable space for working and an online archive of all the resources currently in the office that will one day become available for members of the organization.

-Caitlyn Bove’20

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Caitlyn was born an raised in California's San Fernando Valley. She graduated from iLead North Hollywood, a public charter high school, where she received The Humanities and Poets4Progress awards upon graduation. She was also placed on the high honor roll for her final two years of preliminary schooling. She has spent much of her time not in a classroom traveling to different schools in the Los Angeles area preforming classic and original poetry with the nonprofit organization known as Get Lit Words Ignite. She currently attends Antioch College and has not declared a major yet.

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