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Conserve, Protect, and Improve: Ryan ’19 at Franklin Soil and Water Conservation in Columbus, Ohio

At Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District, we try to get people to use their land responsibly to conserve, protect, and improve soil and water quality through education.Franklin Soil and Water 2

My main job is to help those in the office that need it, this means that there really are no day-to-day activities, they are all different. A lot of my tasks include making sure that files are current and other long tasks like inventory, a lot of background work that keeps the office running smoothly.

We recently had our annual tree sale and I had many parts in this sale. I assisted in processing the orders, sorting them, bundling the trees, and even handing out the orders to customers.

So far my favorite thing that I’ve done is a community outreach event for Earth Day. I was able to spread information to people to help them better care for their water.

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<p>My name is Kaleb Ryan. I grew up in a small family, in a small city called Heath in Ohio where I attended Heath High School. During my time there I was active with many clubs. I was a member of the Spanish club, and ended up becoming treasurer, I was the President of the Student Library Advisory Board, I was one of two field commander of the marching band, and I was a member of the National Honor Society. I was also an active member of the drama department.</p> <p>Near the end of my high school experience I volunteered in the library where I learned a lot about organization and working with people. I graduated with honors from Heath High School. I was also part of the Lickig County 4-H band outside of a band outside school. This band was more dedicated to serving the community. I am still a part of it, this being my seventh year, and have been a member of the council, that is responsible for planning activities that the band does, for four years and a part of the Advisory Board, that leads and advises the council, for two years. This is my third year being the clarinet section leader. Last year I was the Vice President but decided not to take on an office this year because I would not be there as often because of school. During the past summer I worked at a Tim Hortons in Columbus where I learned a lot about dealing with people and managing my time when I was promoted to supervisor after only one month.</p> <p>I now attend Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio where I am currently majoring in Environmental Science. The past two quarters I have been on the Dean’s List at Antioch. I speak English and am currently studying Spanish at Antioch. For my current co-op I am back at home, working in Columbus at Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District as and Administrative and Program Intern. It is currently my third week there but so far I am enjoying and learning a lot about ways to protect our streams from our own backyard. So far I am enjoying my time and I’m excited for what the next few months have to offer.</p>

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