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Spreading Zero Waste Initiatives: Crane ’19 at Impact Earth Inc. in New York

Working at Honest Folk in Rochester.

Working at Honest Folk in Rochester.

Impact Earth Inc. is a startup company whose mission is to keep waste out of landfills. The overall role is to spread zero waste initiatives and educate the community about zero waste practices. The company offers so much to clients such as consulting, packaging solutions, and waste audits. They work with many companies and events in the community. Their events can be seen on Facebook or on their website.

My role is doing tasks as needed and they vary widely. The skill set required is mainly being flexible and being able to quickly learn and adapt. I have learned a lot about what is required to run a startup, family owned business. We went to two events this week which were Honest Folk and Invigorate Irondequoit. Honest Folk was a fundraiser for The Center of Youth with live music and two food trucks. Invigorate Irondequoit was a community clean up that served breakfast and lunch for the volunteers. Impact Earth was brought in at both events to sort trash thereby diverting waste from going to landfill. This is typical activity for Impact Earth; this year they are doing 150 events. I will manage a couple of similar events while on co-op.

Impact Earth offers packaging to clients that is eco-friendly, therefore having less waste to send to landfill. I have gone on several deliveries and have put together price lists for Impact Earth.

Lastly, they also do waste audits for companies and events. They weigh landfill, compost, and recycling and create a report about findings and potential for the future.

I want to broaden my knowledge of environmental science and study water issues. The company is and will continue to grow alongside the community as interest grows in zero waste. At every event I have been to there have been people who come up to us excited we are there!

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<p>Eliza is a student at Antioch College where she is pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. In high school she did an independent study on water quality and blue-green algae. She meet Elizabeth and Robert last year when she volunteered with them at the Mendon Carnival. Eliza is very interested in the environment and finding new ways to make a difference.</p> <p></p> <p> </p>

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