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Researching Sustainable Operating Methods: Lanique Dawson ’19 at Housing Works Catering and Bourbon Springs in NYC

Currently, I am employed at two locations, Housing Works Catering, and Bourbon Springs. At Housing Works Catering, they cater with a purpose: to help raise money and awareness for people who have HIV and AIDs. With strong ties between both Head Chefs of the Housing Works Catering and Bourbon Springs, Bourbon Springs is a donator to their cause.

While working for both businesses, I have worn many hats. A definite role that I have played was Environmental Researcher for the Works, and an Office Manager for Bourbon Springs. At the Works, I have found clean and environmentally friendly methods to depose their mass usage of food. While at Bourbon Springs, I have organized and redesigned functions of the restaurant to create an easier flow. This co-op opportunity has given me a great perspective of location. Metropolitan areas as well as fast-paced scenes are where I excel in, and in the future I hope to also endure. In most kitchens being able to read closely is a major skill to acquire, if that is not a current skill. This skill may seem obvious at first, but at times if one doesn’t actively read than simple task – looking recipes, using the correct measuring cup- will be harder to complete. I intend to use this skill when I dive into reading advanced scientific literature.

With the help that the Works is doing for the community, I am happy to be a helping hand with their mission. I wish to take this learning experience into the next community I find myself in.

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<p>Hi There!</p> <p>My name is Lanique Dawson, Native New Yorker and Environmental Science Major. Passionate for improving sustainability in urban areas: water waste hazards -eutrophication,  lack of green spaces and the negative affect of the Urban Heat Island effect on current green spaces. As a trained and well practiced -1000 hours - restorative justice youth,  engaging with community  members on environmental safety matters can be more than a statement but rather a conversation. Safety can start with the youth of the community, and a goal of mine is to push environmental science educational options and opportunities further for students of k-12. In order to accomplish that goal, I can use my experience in research - Pace University & American Museum of Natural History-  as well as my current options at Antioch College - Leader of Environmental Science Fellowship - to understand the issues on a scientific level. Involving the community  can consist of  taking that gathered information and  designing it into policies, as my cohort and I had done with the Mayor of New York  City from 2013-2015 on a different study. In result the improvement of the quality in education can increase and I hope that in near future that I can be that help .</p>

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