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From Birth to Ascension: Morgan Johnson ’25 at Camphill Village Copake New York

When I heard about Camphill I thought, “A community for people with disabilities, I could definitely use an experience like that.” I was so under prepared for what I signed up for. Camphill is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s more than community, it’s a giant family. I grew to feel like I had a purpose. At first it was a bit challenging with a new schedule, diet, social structure and different environment but eventually I adapted.

In the beginning, I was worried about the religious aspect of living here but it’s been very interesting to watch. Most days we start in the living room and sing a song then read the diary which depicts the plans for the day then we read a bible verse then go to the table for breakfast. I was nervous but eventually it was really heartwarming to hear the songs and the verses. I don’t claim to understand half of them but the words were quite beautiful sometimes.

I started to work in the bakery for most of the week and I’ve learned to love it more than anything. I’ve learned to make bread, cookies, bialy’s and biscotti. I’m still continuing to learn more and more everyday. There is also amazing people I get to work alongside that never let a day be dull. 

Onto my title, during my time here I’ve experience many things. A neighbor had her baby, in my house alone there was three birthdays in the same week, a community celebration and sadly the passing of a villager. That’s why I chose the title, “From Birth to Ascension”. I’ve almost experienced an entire lifetime in just a month. A life in this community is absolutely beautiful and completely life changing. The people you meet and the lessons you learn will stick with you.

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