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Labels, Events, and Inventory: Stillwell ’23 at Antioch College Media Services in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Sep 15, 2021

This is a photo I took of the cinema room doors in ASB, the building where I work and spend most of my days.

My first co-op, needless to say, has been an experience! I have been working as the Antioch Media Services Assistant under David Adkins, who has taught me how to fix projectors or any other tech that could break during a class session. Beyond that, my job entails marking down the inventory of everything we have in the media closet and in the secret storage rooms of the Arts and Science Building and McGregor.

I was also given the best power of all… the label maker! Naming new equipment and relabeling old equipment is one of my favorite things, honestly. Another one of the perks of my job is getting to work with students. As someone who likes communicating with others and loves social interactions, I found that setting up for different occasions was perfect for me. It gave me the opportunity to show up to events while also helping others with media.

Before I complete this co-op term, I have a final task—digitizing old dance videos of alum. This combines my love for Antioch history along with my love of media. While this was just recently assigned to me, I want to do my best to get it done as soon as possible!

This experience definitely fits in well with my goals here at Antioch, allowing me to learn the media aspects of voice acting and the skills necessary to become a freelance artist. I’m so thankful for this amazing opportunity and cannot wait to see what the rest of my co-ops in the future have in store for me!