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<p> Hi there! My name is Gwenna Lorenz, and I'm a psychology major at Antioch College. My professional experience varies from years of work in the Antioch Kitchens, to previous work as an assistant social worker at the local Yellow Springs Senior Center, a barista at Starbucks, and a headguard for 3 pools during my two summers of lifeguarding. I have intermediate fluency in japanese and ASL, with conversationally minimum Spanish. I enjoy studying learning, different cultures, and aspire to be a teacher later in life. I currently coach martial arts in the Dayton, OH area and most especially enjoy working with young adults. I am a textiles artist who primarily works through sewing and crochet, and a writer with 1 published novel (more to come post-Antioch).</p> <p>Hope you enjoy my blog!</p>

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The Food is Great and The People are the Best: Gwenna Lorez ’17 at Antioch Kitchens in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Dec 08, 2016

I have worked at in North Hall kitchens for about three years now, so I figured it was about time I co-oped there.

Some fun times happened in the kitchens, and I’ve made some memories I’ll never forget. The cooks, Margaret, Kori and Alison are a great team and are all fun in their own way. Margaret is a bit of a work horse- she doesn’t like to stop moving and really expects the most out of her KAs. She’s a leftover queen- always finding a new use for previously cooked food and making it seem better than before (amazing, considered how awesome the dish usually is the first time around). She’s exceptionally talented at working with gluten free foods and baked goods, being gluten free herself. She’ll even whip up some vegan cheese from scratch- something I never would have been able to say I enjoyed before meeting her.

Kori transferred down to Birch early in the quarter, but will always be one of my favorite people. Her love of unique and spicy foods left a lot of students wishing for more kale, I’m sure, but I’ve never worked with someone so ready and willing to bend over backwards for any one students’ needs. Omelette the morning we’re serving fritattas? Sure thing. Fresh naan to go with the curry dinner? No problem. Need a mom hug? She hates hugs, but she’ll do it. I treasure every laugh we’ve shared.

Alison I’ve worked with the longest, and it’s great to see her finally transitioning into being a more active role in the kitchen. When given the chance, she can find recipes and make some amazing food- I will always remember how delicious her General Tso’s chicken was, one Friday night I had managed to take off. And I will always look forward to having our relaxed conversations or hearing another goofy story about whatever her baby decided to get into the night before.

Antioch Kitchens strives to be a sustainable, farm-to-table, healthy yet flavorful choice of dining for all students. North Kitchen is often the face of that idea. More than students come to eat there- we’re the drop-stop for Professors and other faculty & staff, tourists or visiting families, artists and the like, and even the occasional alumni or townie come to drop by and hang with the students.

So, when you get a chance, come by and hang with us. The food is great and the people are the best; I promise. 🙂