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Antioch Adventures in the Kitchen

May 17, 2017

My employer’s mission is to serve Antioch students, staff, and professors meals 3 times a day Monday- Friday and 2 meals a day Saturday and Sunday by using the freshest ingredients we can receive and create creative meals out of them.  On Fridays  we create a special dessert for them as well, caring for all allergic needs and food preference diets whether they are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, etc.

My role with organization in the kitchen is to help prepare meals throughout the day and prep for the next day.

I am a kitchen assistant working 9-3pm Monday-Friday and on Friday I usually make the desserts on Friday. Here’s a Link to the description of my job.

My day to day experiences are always different each day.  Something different is always going on.

Our operation in Birch kitchen impacts us in a lot of different ways as meal times are what bring people closer together. Meal time is usually when you hear the best jokes and when everyone seems much less stressed out, with the idea that we are all family and friends to one another.

My educational goal is to achieve my self-design major, called molecular gastronomy. Before I do that I am doing kitchen work to improve my knowledge about the cooking industry and what goes on in it and certain flavor combinations; basically food cuisine.