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<p> </p> <p>Many will think of paint, brushes, pencils, canvases, etc. when they hear the words of a practicing artist. My tools though are knives, cutting boards, spatulas, etc. My art is the art of food, the preparation, the presentation, and the consumption. Customer's satisfaction or dissatisfaction are like critiques to my art.</p> <p>My first training was the Antioch College kitchens thinking I could apply to any restaurant afterwards. never have I been so wrong! The people who work at Ellie's restaurant have helped me learn so much since we have opened. One co-worker and I, for example are the only ones who can master creating the Liege Waffles in our sleeps! They call me the waffle queen! I have also just started working as an expo, meaning I am the one who makes sure your dish looks pretty and will come to you as fast as possibly. People have told me that I have been doing a great job, even better than the former expo.</p>

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Behind the Scenes of Food: Lausmann ’18 at Ellie’s Restaurant in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Dec 13, 2016

This co-op is very interesting because I am finally learning the “behind-the-scenes” of where and how my food is being cooked.  I started off just being a prep cook, went over to dishwasher for a while, and now I am a full time expo. For people who do not know what expo means, I am the person that makes your food look pretty, adds dressings to your salads, adds garnishments to your plate, and basically makes sure that all of the food goes to the right people.

This is the first time that I have worked as an expo. I first thought that I am no good at it, but my co–workers keep reassuring me that I am actually doing a great job and have been so far the best at doing it. I really like working in my little niche and taking care of everything. Even if I am scheduled until a certain time, I stay longer and make sure that everything I need for the next day is ready. I also make sure that everything is in stock for my station and, depending if a have time, I do it myself or will write it on the prep list for the next day. I also never realized that working in a kitchen can be actually quite stressful—it may seem easy in the beginning, but it can turn from being an empty restaurant to a complete chaos in seconds.

Basically you never know how your day will be, but at the end of the day I really enjoy having a drink after work with my colleagues and just having the opportunity to chat for hours.

Photo credit: Ellie’s Restaurant at The Mills Park Hotel


Take Me to the Coffee Islands: Lausmann ’17 at Tageszentrum Cafe Social Psychiatric Care in Neunkirchen, Germany

Feb 23, 2016

This institution is a safe haven for people who are mentally ill.  These people have reached a point in their lives where they do not have the motivation anymore to do anything or even to get out of bed.  The institute is supposed to give them a routine into their daily lives so they can see a point in being active.  This kind of society though did not exist 18 years ago.

17 years ago in Upper Palatinate, a region in Bavaria, two institutes, in Weiden and Neumarkt, have just been opened.  Institutes where mentally ill people are allowed to come so they are able to get out of the house.  Herbert Ziegler and his colleague at that time had the permission to create a system like that in Regensburg.  Herbert though wanted to create something different, he wanted something where the clients could enjoy themselves and were not being asked about their illness.  So he created the coffee shop, The Coffee Islands, which is now the heart of this institution.  It all started in an apartment complex where they have rented two or three apartments and connected them as one.  The room for the coffee shop has been created where people can come, the other rooms were being occupied to create activities for the clients such as the art group.  Then new workers came and left.

After almost 17 years (in September it will be their anniversary) they have moved from the small apartments into a big house renovated just for this cause, there are now six employees (one secretary, four certified social pedagogues and one housekeeper) and the group activities have grown too.  This institution has grown so much that it has become a whole little community, everybody is responsible for their tasks not just the employees but also the clients who withhold little jobs where they can earn little money.

In my time, I have learned so many things for which I am thankful!  I have learned how to interact with these kind of people and how to react to them if there are any issues.  I have learned that if you just listen to what someone has to say it will already brighten their day.  I have learned that this opportunity, even if they just sit in the coffee shop the whole day, helps those people so much in so many ways by just being surrounded with people who might be suffering from the same illness.  I have learned that most people are not born like this, it appears later in their lives and there will come a point where they cannot handle it anymore, mentally wise.

I have definitely enjoyed my co-op a lot and in the end I have become very interested in the field of social studies.  It is amazing and interesting in so many ways and there is still so much to learn.


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