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Antioch College students spend up to a 1/3rd of their undergraduate experience in the real world— testing concepts and applying theory from the classroom while reflecting on what it means to lead an impactful life.

Antioch students bring new ideas & vitality to our co-op partners, powering programs and special projects through directed full-time work and research across 15 key industries & communities of practice.

Psychology, Mindfulness, & Wellness

Above, is a photo taken by my friend Holger Bartles, a long time Buddhist practitioner and professional photographer. Holger was happy to take my photo when I asked him, his

My second Co-op in my Antioch experience is the complete opposite of my first Co-op despite them both occurring in Southwest Ohio. I am working full time as an intern

Imagine the cold wind on your face as you fly down the mountain, waist deep in snow with a beautiful blue sky over head. Everywhere you look is covered in

I am a second-year undergraduate student in Antioch College. I am currently doing my second internship for an organization called the Crotched Mountain Foundation. This is a non-profit organization which

Policy, Advocacy, & Law

For my first co-op term, I chose to do a self-designed co-op at the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. The focus of NGLCC is to

This co-op I had the opportunity to stay with and work for Antioch alumni in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I stayed with Joan Stockton, ‘65 and worked for Roger Ashodian, and spent

Kim Landsbergen, Biology and Environmental Science professor, is headed to the March for Science in Washington, D.C. this weekend, April 22nd. Kim is a dedicated advocate for environmental justice, and

On Tuesday, students returning from Winter co-ops shared their experiences at our quarterly co-op swap. This term, the event took place outside, on the steps of Main Hall. Students from

Arts & Performance

Antioch College often boasts a lack of a football team, but this Fall, an art class revitalized Antioch's famed baseball team, the Antioch Nine, and brought together sports, collaborative art,

I remember the first day I walked into 20 cooper square. I was worried that I was going to be late; I wanted to make a good impression on my first

My role at Artex Fine Art Services was to provide organizational structures toward current and past projects, as well as to give input on promotional materials of its services for clients and

With the support of the Arts Alumni of Antioch College (AAAC), current Antioch students Hannah Priscilla Craig '17 and Odette Chavez-Mayo '18 have had the opportunity to expand the artistic

Media Arts & Communication

For my final co-op, I wanted to work directly with the community I've come to know and love during my past three years at Antioch College. With this idea in

The saying "never look a gift horse in the mouth" has always been a favorite of mine and I really do feel that it perfectly catches the reasoning and experience

Antioch College professors work to create a singular classroom experience for students, but they are also producers of cutting edge work in their fields. Whether it be through research, activism,

Hello all, I come to you from Denver, Colorado on a lazy Monday afternoon sitting among 11 felines in a "cat cafe".  Working at Denver Open media this co-op term, I

Food Systems, Sustainable Agriculture, & Culinary Arts

"I want to spend the summer outdoors." -Me, to Cooperative Education faculty Beth Bridgeman, circa June 2017. I got my wish. For my final co-op at Antioch College, I am working

On Tuesday, students returning from Winter co-ops shared their experiences at our quarterly co-op swap. This term, the event took place outside, on the steps of Main Hall. Students from

This March, co-op faculty member Beth Bridgeman facilitated a visit to campus from Kim Nace, the executive director of the Rich Earth Insitute. The Rich Earth Institute is an organization that

Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers, now a wide spread health food chain, was founded by Margaret and Phillip Isely in 1955.  They were inspired to start this company by Margaret’s own

Education & Youth Empowerment

This summer for my final co-op I've been working at the Trailside Museum at Glen Helen. Trailside Museum is a small, museum space at the trailhead of the north Glen.

I am completing my fourth co-op as a student (Miller Fellow) teacher at the Yellow Springs Community Children's Center. Their philosophy at the center is stated as, "current theory and research

For my fourth and final co-op experience, I'm living and working in Osaka, Japan. I studied Japanese for three years at Antioch, and am putting my learned language and culture

My third co-op was a mixture of immersing myself in place, connecting with my roots, and searching for clues to my future. It was emotionally challenging, but immensely rewarding because

Legend holds that an Antiochian can be parachuted anywhere, and they’ll find a job, a place to live (and some friends) within three days. Being nimble in the world requires agency and innovation, traits developed through experience at Antioch College…