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Abbie has had the wonderful opportunity to gather many skills and accumulate a variety of interests. She has had experience in the green energy field and leadership in a marketing organization. She has taught and volunteered pre-school aged children for seven years. She has also conducted many field evaluations as well as professional interviews. Her interests gravitate mostly around positive reinforcement, development, environmental, and some psychology interests.

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Abbie Jones ’20 at The Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Jun 02, 2017

My days in the heart of Georgia, surrounded by thirty acres of breathtaking gardens, consist of feeding turtles and frogs, watering plants, creating entire walls of ferns, planting hundreds of plants, taking notes on the constant flow of Latin names, learning about each individual plant’s culture, and so much more.

As an intern, I am responsible for being a helpful, efficient team member and soaking up as much knowledge as possible. There are several auctions held and many exhibits that are very particular in playing the role of connecting with the Atlanta community.

Today we removed and planted plants all around a stage constructed for a live opera that ran through the entire garden with the aid of technology. One of myfavorite parts of this internship, other than working with some truly amazing people, is that we will stop whatever we are doing if a visiting guest even appears to have a question. This way we can not only inform them of important information but we can spread awareness of how important our environment is and how to sustain it so these gorgeous plants can survive in their natural habitats.