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A Brief Look Back: Kondracki ’17 at Nature’s Kennel in McMillan, Michigan

I find it hard to talk about my experiences at Nature’s Kennel in depth because this co-op took place four years ago. It’s much easier for me to speak about the animals that I met there, especially the one I desperately want to go back for. I guess that is the point of looking back on your four years, to remember, but honestly, the most prominent thing for me is the dogs.


This is Pigpen. I have the most photos of him as he was by far the most photogenic dog at the kennel—probably the most photogenic dog I have ever met. This photo in particular, though, has stayed with me throughout college and probably will after too. I use this photo for any and all profile pictures now. If I ever start a freelance photography business and need a photo for advertising, I’ve already decided it will be this one. Mostly for how hilarious I find this photo, but also because I have very fond memories of Pigpen, and seeing his silly face brings me comfort in the most stressful times.


This is Mussel, one of the least photogenic dogs I’ve ever met, but also my absolute favorite dog at the kennel. Well, one of them. But he is the one that was not adopted by the time I left, and the one I have been able to visit again and again when I go back up to Michigan. My hope is that after this summer I will be able to go back to Michigan at least one last time and adopt this dog. He was always so apathetic to running, other dogs, and people in comparison to how the other dogs reacted. But he is also super calm and chill, and one of the friendliest gentle giants I have ever met (except around little dogs, but that will be all about training).

I have 150 dogs I could go through and tell you why each one is special, but I am going to stop at these two. They have influenced my life the most out of the pack by far, to the point where my plans after school are being made around the fact that I will be going back to the kennel and adopting at least one of these guys, if not both. However, I will leave just some photos that I found in my stash of 500+ photos, because who doesn’t love cute dogs?


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Dale Kondracki is a fourth year Antioch College student graduating in the Spring of 2017. She is designing her own major, a combination in Anthropology and Media Arts. She understand Japanese proficiently, and has reading comprehension in Katakana and Hiragana.

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