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A Focus on Inner Growth: Rose ’20 in Oakland, California

I knew only two things upon entering my second co-op: I wanted to focus on creating art, and I wanted to be somewhere unknown to me. I hadn’t had the time, energy, nor focus to actively pursue my own creative development during academic quarters, so I petitioned to do an independent co-op where I dedicated my time and energy towards this passion of mine. Additionally, I wanted to explore not only my creative boundaries but also geographical boundaries. I decided to head out to the west coast and live with my sister in Oakland, California. I had my passion, my materials, and my spatial foundation set.

Alongside my advisor, Sharon Dorsey of Open Door Studio in Columbus, Ohio (an art studio for adults with disabilities to freely and safely create art), I’ve been working on building a solid art portfolio. From researching artists that I like, and how they are “successful” artists to me, and examining their websites to critique accessibility, to creating large canvases of acrylic art pieces, to expanding my tattoo flash interests and range.

Every day I try to document what I see around me, which was a big motivator for me coming out to the west coast. I’ve been carrying a small sketchbook to draw geographical locations, points of interest, architecture, and people.

While it is difficult being away from nearly everyone I know, this was a step outside my comfort zone, and thus a step in the right direction.

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Howdy! I'm Judas, I'm currently in my 3rd year at Antioch. I'm a visual arts and psychology major (degree name yet to decided), and I'm a mixed, queer activist/friend. I'm real passionate about cooking and tattoo artistry, along with caring for my buds and hanging out with animals, who are also my buds. He/him or they/them pronouns

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