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A Short Excerpt On How Co-op is Going So Far: Louis Rivera ’19 at Antioch College Media Services in Yellow Springs, Ohio

I’d like to introduce myself by my current co-op occupation: Media Services Assistant at Antioch College’s Information Technology and Media Services Department. A quick summary of what I do on a day-to-day basis for my job is provide media services, but the much longer version involves setting up speakers, mics, and projectors, managing sound for and video recording events, doing room checks to assure that media equipment in classrooms is working, helping at the Foundry Theater when media services or an extra worker are needed, and providing troubleshooting when needed for media equipment. That covers most, if not all, of what I could do on any given day.

I appreciate my co-op because it provides me with opportunities to learn to use various pieces of media equipment that I likely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to use on my own for financial reasons and I get to positively impact the Antioch community by helping events take place. I also like feeling useful, and like I’m helping things happen within the community by helping people with their media necessities. In other quarters I didn’t have much of a chance to participate in community events due to time constraints because of classes and homework so getting to experience the community events as a part of the group of people that help make them happen is a wondrously fulfilling experience for me.

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<p>I'm a freshman at Antioch College with an interest in technology, especially computers. I enjoy gaming on my PC and spending hours on forums to troubleshoot or pick PC parts for building a or improving my PC. My skills include PC building and PC troubleshooting.</p>

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