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An Artistic Lead Teacher: Snow ’18 at the Y.S. Community Children’s Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio

I am completing my fourth co-op as a student (Miller Fellow) teacher at the Yellow Springs Community Children’s Center. Their philosophy at the center is stated as, “current theory and research concerning how children learn cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.” ( They provide structure for the students, learning objectives, and the ability to express themselves. The center assures the community that they will supply the students with a safe, supportive learning environment.

My role/responsibilities at the center is to enhance a better learning experience, become a leader in the classroom, and actively problem-solve. As an artist, I want to be a helping hand that will guide the students to attain what they thought was impossible. And from what I have seen, there are many talented young kids that I enjoy working with. I appreciate the willingness of my fellow colleagues to deliver their absolute best in providing a structure for the students. We each take the time to listen to each of the students’ needs and compromise as a whole. Recently, I have created a weekly theme-based schedule that allows students to have an equal amount of play and work time.

I have great interest in working with kids, whether it may be coaching sports or teaching in a classroom. I want to be able to assist these students to grow as individuals and to succeed in life, teaching them valuable lessons. For example, simple math, writing skills, being respectful at home and at the center, learning to compromise with one another, etc.

Overall, my experience has been great! I have learned so much more about early childhood education from hands-on experience. I never knew teaching would be pleasant. I learn something new each day from not only the center but the students, themselves.


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Jumana moved to Yellow Springs ,OH from Suadi Arabia. She is currently studying visual arts at Antioch College. Her passion is to bring a new cultural meaning to art from her life experiences.

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