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Faculty Spotlight: Luisa Bieri and Michael Casselli

Great timing and collaboration brought an exciting opportunity for eight Antioch students to attend the Creative Time Summit in New York City November 14th-15th with Michael Casselli, Asst. Professor of Sculpture and Installation, and Luisa Bieri, Instructor of Cooperative Education. Students in Casselli’s fall course, Primer on Social Practice, have been engaged in an online course, Art of the Mooc: Merging Public Art and Experimental Education, taught by Creative Time’s Chief Curator, Nato Thompson and Duke University Associate Professor of Art, Pedro Lasch. Creative Time, a long-standing partner with the Cooperative Education Program, hosted the “Curriculum NYC” Summit in order to “explore the relationship between knowledge and geopolitics, pedagogical art practices, omissions in contemporary curricula, and political issues such as the re-segregation of public schools and student debt”. Here’s what Luisa had to say about the conference: “I think everyone walked away energized and inspired by the amazing work being done by artists, activists and educators in New York, around the country and the world. Pedro Lasch gave Antioch College a shout out from the stage after featuring student Elaine Bell and my work in the Art of the Mooc course. Absolutely memorable—conversations that we’ll be continuing in the weeks and months to come!”

Interested in learning more about Creative Time? Check out Hannah Priscilla Craig’s blog post here.

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