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Ashanti Walker ‘22 at Buen Dia Family School in San Francisco, California

I am currently experiencing my first Co-op in San Francisco, California working for Buen Dia Family School. Buen Dia Family School is very hands-on with their students. The personal connections and positive interactions that are developed amongst the teachers, children, parents and staff have allowed the school to establish a naturally comfortable setting. The school encourages their students to meet their full potential, be more expressive, independent thinkers, and self confident. 

I chose this co-op because I love being around children and my future business would probably be based around kids. I had never traveled to California or lived alone before this experience. Along with getting to know the Buen Dia community, I also wanted to see how it felt to live in California. 

I am a teacher’s and admission’s assistant at Buen Dia. Here’s a bit of their history:

“More than forty years ago Buen Dia Family School was founded by two women educators who had a dream of creating a preschool with a Spanish bilingual component, and with a nurturing, arts-focused environment where children express themselves through the language of play, where they follow their own interests, make their own choices, and have the guidance of teachers who are truly collaborating in their learning and adventures. Since 1977, our founders’ vision remains our core.” –

Here is a photo of one of the aspects of Preschool Life—PLAY:


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