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At Camp Nuhop, We Do More Than Sing: Julia Hainzer ’21 at Camp Nuhop in Ohio


The lake during one of our night hikes

“At Camp Nuhop, we do more than sing.”

For a while now, I have had this modified campfire song suck in my head so much so that I’ve lost sleep because of it’s constant ringing through my brain. The song was introduced to me when I first started my co-op and, since then, we have sang it probably more than one hundred times. It’s one of those songs that you catch yourself humming hours after you’ve heard it and you can’t get it out of your head until jut before you hear it again and the cycle goes on. Sometimes, I catch myself singing it when no one is around, as utterly unbearable as it sounds, I’ve grown to love the song that plagues me daily.

For me, the song represents everything that I have learned from experience while on co-op. It is indeed true that we do more than just sing campfire songs. Camp Nuhop is partly a camp that all types of schools go to for outdoor education, where they are set free from academia and are encouraged to be their truest selves. Through Camp Nuhop, I have had the pleasure of impacting so many children’s lives that might not be as bright and happy as they are at camp. It is amazing to see a kid who is labeled as a “problem child” come hear and leave with a sense of purpose. Sometimes, you don’t think that you have any sort of impact on the world around you, but I’ve come to realize that the staff, including myself, serve as a positive drive for these kids to continue their lives after they’ve left camp.

There is also a summer camp program for children with different learning disabilities. While I do not have the privilege of being a councilor, I can tell you with upmost certainty that the staff is an incredibly positive, caring, and dedicated group of people who really care about these kids. You can tell that they love their job and that’s what makes this place feel like magic to me. Speaking of magic, there really such a thing as “camp magic”. Camp Nuhop’s brand of magic has brought me together with so many wonderful people and I can genuinely tell you that I have learned so much more from them than I think they will ever even know.

So yes, we do more than just sing.



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At the moment, my field of study lies within fine arts and performance, but I am looking into getting credentials to be an art teacher/elementary teacher. I'm really interested in children's development and how artistic expression can be used as an outlet for many different things.

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