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When my co-op term was coming around, I never thought that i would be working as a housekeeper, at Mills Park Hotel, in the same town I go to college in and reside in. I always wanted to travel somewhere I’ve never been and see things I have never seen for co-op. This experience has changed me as a person and has brought me closer to friends and family.
What my day to day at work looks like:
I usually get up around 9:30 and get ready for work. I tend to always forget to get something to eat before work so my day starts off a little down. I go into work, clock in and go to the housekeeping room. Usually I see my manager Steph or Andrew. I love to see Steph as soon as I go in because she always brightens my mood. We always talk about what we did the night before and what the day is going to look like. She hands me my clipboard which has all the rooms I need to clean and/or refresh. After I check my board, I immediately text my coworker and friend Alexis and tell her how many rooms we have to clean that day. We work together on rooms so they give us the most rooms everyday.
Lex and I went to high school together but did not see each other for a while. Now that we work together, we have been closer than ever. It usually takes us 20 minutes together to do a King bedroom and 30-35 minutes to do a Queen bedroom; because they have two beds to make! Sometimes we get tips, but not usually. After rooms, we go down and restock the cart then we are usually done around 3-4pm depending on how many rooms and how dirty they were.
Working at Mills park Hotel has been amazing. Everyone respects everyone and also just has a really good vibe. Everytime I work, I always leave with a smile on my face because everyone is so amazing there. It’s not all about working but also having fun.
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