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Chicago livin’: DeLeon ’19 at The Law Office of Phillip Brigham in Chicago, Illinois

Howdy friends, I’m Ana from Austin, TX and I’m currently channeling my inner Olivia Pope, Annalise Keating and Detective Meyer in Chicago,IL. I’m working as a paralegal intern for a solo practitioner who’s a super funny Antioch Alum. I don’ t have to be in the office until 9:00 am but I over calculate my time and usually get there around 8:25 or so and that’s good because then I get to fully wake up with the 35 min and I won’t feel like the picture of Miranda Lambert’s dog

.Mood in the morning

I start my day off with a Vanilla Chai (life changing) and croissant or the Berry Almond Oats from Corner Bakery (even more life changing).


Depending on the day, meaning if its a day we have court I either start my day in a court room taking notes and learning from the bench or I start my day in the office. If I’m in the office I start by checking for any missed calls, then I do some minimal office assistant task and then transition into a more in depth paralegal intern task. Since I have accepted the fact that I’m super nosy, I always go in depth into the cases we are currently taking and I also always try to memorize all the facts I can from a file. Usually we get clients that come in and it feels like meeting someone famous, because I do some research on them prior to coming in. The clients are usually what make the job ten times more interesting. Some of them are pretty intense that they intimidate me and some are some of the nicest people you could meet. The intense clients I usually look at them like this picture of this random cat.

Mood when I meet an interesting client

I call them intense just because usually their motives or what their being charged with, just surprises me.Through out the day I step out for a 25 to 35 min lunch. Now, I’ve only lived in Chicago for a couple weeks but that’s enough to tell you that the food is great. Obviously not Texas great, but compared to other northern states its great (sorry northern people). Then as I start to end my day I check and respond to some emails, file some paperwork and organize files. At 5:00 pm or so then I make my way to the Blue Line ready to eat the gummy worms in my room after a long day.

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<p>Howdy yall, I'm Ana DeLeon a political economy major from the 2019 class.</p> <p>Here are some fun facts about me: </p> <p>-I love Grey's Anatomy, MCDREAMY & JAPRIL FORVER.</p> <p>-I like to spend my time listening to Drake and laughing at memes on twitter.</p> <p>-My friends would describe me as clumsy and adventurous. </p> <p>-I love the great state of Texas and talk about Austin all the time.</p> <p>-I was born in Mexico so don't ever invite me to Taco Bell.</p> <p>-I hope to enroll into law school once I graduate from Antioch. </p> <p>-I get a #4 with large fries at ChickFilA.</p> <p>-I put salsa on everything. </p> <p>-I love cats. </p>

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