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Communication, Multitasking and Problem-Solving: Allison Cummings at Circle K in Lima, Ohio

For my second co-op experience I am working at a Circle K in Lima Ohio. Circle K states that ambition is to become the world’s preferred destination for convenience and fuel. To achieve this goal Circle K believes that the ability to work together as a team is vital. Circle K expects me as an employee to strive to deliver beyond expectations and improve performance. They expect me to take initiative and responsibility for my learning and development as well as create effective working relationships and be a team player.

I continuously have to build up my skills while working at Circle K. My communication, multitasking, problem solving and leadership skills are tested daily. In any given day at work there are numerous things needed done and fixed. Working as a sales associate calls for me to effectively finish all the tasks that I am assigned to as well as working one on one with customers to finish purchases.

My goal while working at Circle K is to expand my communication and interpersonal skills. I have a lot of experience working in customer service already, but working in Lima offers a diverse demographic of customers. Most of the customers that come into circle K live on a low income and many live below the poverty line. Coming from a family with financial problems, one of my goals in life is to help alleviate suffering due to poverty. Prior to this job I have spent time volunteering in soup kitchens and homeless shelters. I am aware of the pain and suffering that poverty encompasses and I aim to help in any possible way. While working I strive to give all our customers the best experience I can. I make sure I save the customers as much money as possible. I announce all the deals we are currently having as well as promote our circle K rewards card which gives additional discounts for free. I make sure that it is known that we except EBT or Food Stamps. Lastly, I try to make our customers feel safe, welcomed and comfortable.

I think the most significant thing that I have done while working at Circle K is donating the food we normally have to throw away to individuals facing poverty and homelessness. While working I noticed that we throw out perfectly good food items. We throw out fruit, milk, and other items everyday. The fruit always looks perfect, but if we receive a new shipment we are required to throw it out. I asked my manager If I was aloud to take the food and she said once it leaves the display she doesn’t care what I do with it. So I have been donating it to various places around Lima. This may be a small start, but hopefully eventually my efforts will expand and eradicate one of the biggest problems in society.

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My primary goal is to devote my existence to creating a better world for the current and future generations. One big dream of mine is to volunteer in the Peace Corps. I love volunteering any chance I get and I really want to aid in providing assistance to where it is needed most. I also want to create an organization that helps spread awareness, advance acceptance and enhance the understanding of individuals with mental and physical disabilities. These community's are very near and dear to my heart and I strive to eliminate all the inequalities members of these groups face.

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