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Creating the Wellness Center Co-op Experience: McGuire ’24 in Yellow Springs, Ohio

My Wellness Center Co-op by Erina McGuire ’24


If you’re thinking about doing a Wellness Center Co-op, I highly recommend it. This winter quarter I have had the honor of helping build the foundation of the Wellness Center Co-op program, and I have actually had a lot of fun with it.


At times it can be a bit stressful, as it is a customer service job. There are times when guests can get a bit angry and upset when we have to enforce certain rules. And they can get a bit impatient, but really it is rare that someone like that comes in. 


When I first started working here, things were kind of chaotic. Because the Wellness Center had just reopened, there was no real direction for the Co-op to go just yet. It was a lot of miscellaneous tasks and running around until things were settled enough. But now I hold the title of “Adminstrator and Customer Service Specialist” 


My position as the Administrator and Customer Service Specialist basically puts me right out front with the customer service side of things. I also had administrative work like sending emails and helping make sure certain events and tasks go well. 


Trevor is an amazing boss! He encourages wellness of any kind, mental and physical. He understands that wellness doesn’t stop at the body. He allowed me to make my own hours, so I work Monday through Friday from 12pm to 8pm, so I usually hit my 30-40 hours. He also allows for us to take classes, work out or swim during work as a break if we so choose to! He’s kind, listens to concerns and is always willing to help, but he also knows when he needs to put on the boss’ hat.


There are still some issues with the Co-op. Things not set in stone at the Wellness Center that causes issues. Like there still not being enough lifeguards. But the slight stress and complications are definitely overridden by the satisfaction I’ve had of working here and being a member of the team.

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Erina is a passionate Psychology student who strives to do her best in every situation, even if her best means stepping back from the problem for a moment. She always looks forward to doing her new things and meeting new people.

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