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Discovering Healing: Coffman ’24 at Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats in Hawi, Hawaii

Hi there! My name is Aniya Coffman and I have been granted the opportunity to be an intern here at Kokolulu! The mission here is all about healing in a non traditional way. The people here focus on healing their minds and bodies with QiGong, a healing meditation practice as well as being surrounded by a peaceful environment.


A safe, healing, nurturing space where those affected by chronic illness (like cancer) are able to access a deeper healing process, while nurturing body, mind, and spirit through scientifically proven integrative techniques. An on-site organic farm provides the retreat with healthy food and medicinal herbs to further boost the immune system and enhance the healing process.” – Kokolulu Farm and Cancer Retreats


My fellow interns and I work and care for the farm everyday. Mostly by maintaining the wellbeing of the many plants sprounting here on the propety and the land around it. Since Covid-19 arrived at the worlds doorstep, there has not been any visitors here for treatment. However, the arrival of interns has not stopped. So the founders of Kokolulu greatly count on us interns to care and nurture the land.


I usually wake up at 7 am to start the day then prepare to attend the daily QiGong practice at 8 am. After that is finished all of the interns meet and discuss the projects that are to be worked on that day. Some of the projects I have worked on so far are weeding plants, shaving banana trees, harvesting baby plants, and making a compost pile. Community is very important to everyone here and we all work as a team to make sure everything runs smoothly. I’ve learned so much about QiGong and the techniques used for Korean Natural Farming so far. I chose this co-op because, it directly correlates with my desired major of alternative medicine. I have been told many healinig stories about people who really struggled with chronic ilness and how some of them healed themselves completely. It is truly fascinating and I cannot wait to learn so much more!


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