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“Excellence and Integrity Above All Else”: Blakemore ’17 at Outten and Golden LLP in New York City, NY

I work at Outten and Golden LLP, a law firm that focuses on workers’ rights. Their mission statement is “Excellence and Integrity Above All Else.” This means that we help those who need it whether it be smaller cases of reviewing severance agreements to make sure that those who are let go can live while looking for another job or larger cases that involve filing class-action suits for workers that have not been paid fair wages or have been unfairly terminated.

At Outten and Golden, I am a paralegal. The majority of my job involves speaking with potential clients, helping compile binders for cases, and making phone calls, but sometimes I am assigned filing and research related tasks when not enough people have the time.

My experiences here have been good. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I work in an office. This is really important for me because I plan on working in an office for much of my life due to my intended career path. However, the transition to having a nine to five job is very tiring and intense because of the drastic differences between office work and attending school. But, due to the great working environment that Outten and Golden provide, it was much easier than I expected.

My job has taught me a lot that I will be able to utilize in school and throughout life; I have learned how offices work, along with more about law and paralegal work which is of great use to me due to my long term goals of attending law school and becoming an environmental lawyer. And living in New York City has taught me a lot within itself. This combination of lessons has been really great but also left me exhausted and with a new outlook on how much more I have to learn.

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<p>My name is Rachel Blakemore, I'm from Ann Arbor Michigan and I am currently in my final quarter of my 3rd year at Antioch College.</p> <p>I am an Environmental Science major my primary interests include fresh water aquatic species and aquatic based invasive species. <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Upon</span> graduate from Antioch I plan on attending law school to become an environmental attorney.</p> <p>I have gained great work experience through the Antioch College co-op program ranging from leadership facilitation on Fellowship Farms in Pottstown PA, paralegal work at Outten and Golden LLP in New York City, environmental non-profit work with Huron River Watershed Council in Ann Arbor MI and my current co-op as a Legal Aid. </p>

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