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Jade Marshall ’21 at the Coretta Scott King Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio

Hi! My name is Jade. I am currently doing a co-op with the Coretta Scott King Center here at Antioch College. I have been given the opportunity to help put together events that bring together the POC community on campus, including some for black history month, like movie nights and hosting meetings to help create a safe space for POC students to come.

One of the big things we have done is held a meeting where students and faculty came together to talk about racial issues at Antioch. A few students, including myself, had the opportunity to speak about our experience here and also address things that could change to make things more comfortable for us students. Both events had a wonderful turnout with many participants wanting to hear what could be done.

This event is just one of many that I have helped put together. This co-op has been great at teaching me how to address certain situations in a professional way and showing me how just taking a little action can help so many people in a big way.

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