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Mexican Culture and Tradition, A Martial Arts Short Film: Gael Cabrera Ocamp, ’24

My experience for this co-op is a great one even with my lack of money and resources. I have being able to explore the city of Austin finding inspiration in every corner that the location offers me. I have also have being re-collecting and recycling useful materials for the purpose  of the film such as cardboard boxes, paper, wood material, plastic containers etc.

The reason I decided to make a short film as a self-designed co-op is because my dream consists of bringing my culture, traditions, and history to as many people as I can and make my country realize that we have nothing to envy from other countries that might be way more  popular due to social media, cinematography or other forms of art. I wish to make my country regain lost knowledge from our ancestors in the best way possible, which will be through my movies.

This is a Mexican martial arts film utilizing our signature and most known martial art/sport, “lucha libre” wich means and translates as ‘free fight’ and not “pro wrestling” as is known in the States.

With this film, I wish to show people how this beautiful combat sport looks in a more realistic scenario rather than in a set up show where everything is conditioned to give a good glance to the technics safely.

My mentor Erick Cabrera who has worked filming a good amount of indie short films is the one helping and guiding me throughout this amazing journey that I work to be my future career.

I appreciate your time for reading this blog post.


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