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Culinary & Creative Enterprise in Homer, Alaska: Tabitha Drover ’18 at Glacier D

For my first co-op, I am working at Glacier D. Glacier D is a great seafood restaurant based on the Homer Spit near the ocean. Most of the Alaskan economy is based on the tourism that is received in the summer. Thanks to the business tourism gives us, most people make enough money opening a business in the summer to last them the whole winter. Glacier D is not an exception. We open near the end of spring and stay open till the beginning of fall. Many of the locals now mark the start of the summer when we open the doors to our building.

The restaurant is a cute little shack that was made in the 1960’s and has been reconstructed and added on to keep upright. The owners are Lee and Jill. They are a happily married couple that decided to run a business together. A typical day starts out with me walking in the door and being greeted by them. After they greet me and we converse, I get to work! At the restaurant I take the orders from the customers and give the ticket to the owners who are also our cooks. They then get to work making the food. After the food is finished I deliver the food to the customers. We are usually really busy, with a line all the way out the door. It can get crazy but it is fun! One of the owners, Jill, has been training me so that I can cook the food as well. She has also been teaching me the business part of this job. Twice a week when we close at night she shadows me as I go around the building and take inventory and place our order with the company we get our product from.

I would have to say my favorite part about this job is the people. I interact with the customers daily and it is challenging but in a good way! The look on the kids’ faces when I bring them their food just makes my day.

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Welcome to Tabitha's Co-op blog! Tabitha Drover is part of the class of 2019 at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Tabitha grew up always wanting to help people. She is at her best when she can make someone's day better. She plans to spend her Co-ops working with the public and hopefully making somebody's life better each day. History is her favorite subject. You can usually find her curled up with a history book from whatever time period she is currently interested in (As of today it is the founding of America but last week it was England in the 1600's).

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