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My Island: DJ Riley ’23 at Antioch College IT and Media Services in Yellow Springs, Ohio

This is a new computer that we obtained that I just recently installed Windows 10 on. Over my past two years of working here, the majority of my time was spent upgrading our old Windows 7 computers to Windows 10, and it’s most likely the most calming part of my job.

This term during my co-op at Antioch College IT and Media Services (ITAMS), I was given a list of tasks by my employer, Kevin Stokes. Those tasks included completing the campus-wide inventory that was begun by Media Services during the fall, organize all stock computers and parts in the ITAMS office area, and track hours/tasks completed on behalf of ITAMS and Alumni Relations.

I also had to develop a list of unused and under-utilized media and facilities equipment on campus. This required coordinating with various entities to get access to the equipment and to ascertain the condition of said equipment.

Here I was working on more upgrades. It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete one laptop upgrade and then you also have to update them to the latest version of Windows to have all of our clients on the same wavelength.

Additionally, I worked with the Registrar’s Office to identify all recently withdrawn students to then be able to scrub email distribution lists and active directories by disabling and reassigning disabled accounts. On some occasions, I had to contact Antioch’s vendor to identify and remedy problems with the ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus software as well!

This is MY computer (made it myself!) and I had wanted to try something on it with mapping network drives. I figured out how to have select people be given access to my computer/files and use what I give them (kind of like having an Airdrop except only for people on the same network as you). And it worked! I was able to play music from a file on my computer while on a friend’s laptop! Things like this really get me going and make me want to learn more.

It was often difficult to get my work done, though I was always able to in the end. Because of COVID-19, I haven’t been able to interact with Kevin as much as I would have liked. For the majority of my time in the office, I’ve been on my own, tending to the checklist. However, my hours working for him were good. He is a great boss and has been very helpful and thorough.

And that was basically my entire experience! It was better than my first co-op, but not by an insane amount. In some ways, it felt like the same kind of isolation, though now with the occasional visitor to my island. Next time, though, I might think about going somewhere else to broaden my horizons.

See you then!

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