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My winter entering the comic business: Julia Dammons ’19 at SuperFly Comics in Yellow Springs, Ohio

This winter, I am working at Super-Fly Comics & Games in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I have a passion in comic arts and the art business, so when I found out that Super-Fly was run by an Antioch College alumn, Tony Barr, I was excited to reach out to him. After a couple of interviews, I was hired at the shop for my winter co-op.

At the moment I am helping reorganize the comics and run the shop. Soon I’ll be helping the owners run their booth at comic conventions as well as be in charge of their social media outlets. This is beneficial to me in the long run because I’m learning how the comic world runs–everything from retailer expos to finding out what is up and coming from distributors. In addition, I have the opportunity to meet local comic artists and writers in the business, whom I hope to stay in connection with and get advice. I’d love to get a career in making comic art covers, but first I have to learn where and what these companies are seeking.

“Super-Fly Comics & Games opened its doors in August 2007 after buying the new comics & graphic novels business of Dark Star Books. Since then we have expanded further into video, card, board and role-playing games; manga; toys; t-shirts; statues and other cool things,” Super-Fly states on their website. Not only are they the only shop in town solely dedicated to comics, but they pride themselves on treating customers like family. Community is built when they hold game events and spend hours having conversations with the regulars. I’ve memorized quite a few friendly faces.


(Photo credit: Super-Fly Website)

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I am a second year at Antioch College with a focus in visual arts. I am currently working my second co-op at Super-Fly Comics & Games.

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