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New Antioch Digital Disruptors Take up Office— Nina Aisa ’24, Levi Brown ’24 & Sara Marsh ’23

Antioch Engaged is a website with a mission to document, highlight, and amplify the work of Antioch students as they embark on co-ops and enriching global and transnational engagements. Antioch Engaged shows the diverse stances Antioch students take up in the profound professional world– shining a light on issues that affect our immediate surroundings and the world beyond our humble village— and how Antiochians work to instigate the change we need.

Antioch Engaged producers play a fundamental role in identifying student stories from the field, producing the digital content, and curating student research that arises from faculty-mentored field work. By forming correlations and observing connections that span from our college grounds to the external world, Antioch Engaged producers seek to lace together the profound dialogue of student experience on co-op.

The students on board:

Nina Aisa, Class of 2024, Co-op Media Specialist

Nina Aisa, Class of 2024.

Nina Aisa is tasked with writing content for the Antioch Engaged website, constructing methods for updating social media platforms, and curating information that demonstrates Antioch’s stance within social and global issues. Beyond her work, Aisa enjoys creating films for spoken word poetry pieces and is a self-designed major that is a cross between International Affairs and Journalism through the lens of Documentary Film making; she hopes to someday aid the liberation of the world by capturing it on film!

Contact Nina Aisa- jaisa<@>

Levi Brown, Class of 2024, OHLA Digital Archivist & Tech Support

Levi Brown, Class of 2024

Levi Brown is the back end technical support of OHLA (the Oral History in the Liberal Arts) program.  He aids the process of reviewing and polishing interview projects in order to get them posted online for viewing. Using a tool called the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS), Brown’s work focuses on syncing long form interview media files to full transcriptions, as well as creating indexes that highlights key elements of the interview for listeners and other researchers.

Levi Brown is a Political Economy Major at Antioch College focused on understanding methods of affecting political hegemony, various ways how cultures are influenced by political hegemony, and the multiple aspects influencing cultures that support or suppress certain political hegemonies. Brown intends to study both Postmodernist thinkers and Western Marxist philosophies in how they deal with affecting cultures. He is currently deciding between pursuing a career in law, or academia.

Contact Levi Brown-  lbrown<@>

Sara Marsh, Class of 2023, Antioch Engaged Blog Editor

Sara Marsh, Class of 2023.

Sara Marsh, our longest standing student Content Producer, centers her work around generating content about events and projects that both students and faculty contribute to for Antioch Engaged– as well as editing and publishing all backlogged posts. She also has a hand on designing the interface of the website!  Currently, Marsh is aiding a project that compiles a list of women’s rights movements globally and how Antioch College participates in transnational movements. 

Sara Marsh is a self-designed major that combines activism and psychology at Antioch College. She hopes to focus on activism and reform as a means to improve mental health in society. Soon, Marsh will be embarking on her co-op journey to Gould Farm in Massachusetts.  Her work there will primarily be as a therapeutic assistant for people who struggle with mental health issues.

Contact Sara Marsh- smarsh<@>




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