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Recognizing the Resilient Registrar’s Office

When I flew back to Ohio for my winter Co-op, I did not expect a completely different world inside this 10 x 10 office/breakroom.

I am currently inside said office, admiring the views provided by the large window, taking up the entire left wall. This glass opening is an escape from the laborious work and files that take up the rest of the room. The kind of work that is done in the registrar is now fortunately, divided into three. Donna Evans runs the show entirely. She takes on most of the heavier workload and those tasks that require her level of expertise and experience. The rest of her work is taken care of by Elizabeth White. She is a quick study and does her work meticulously. I was tasked with working on CAMS to continue digitizing paper narratives. Never having worked with our archive system before, I was forced to learn and tweak the process created by those, many co-op’s before me. These are all part of the whole that make up the Registrar’s Office.

What does a day at work look like?

I usually start off the day at around 8am and get ready for work. at around 9am I take the walk over to the Mcgregor building on campus, and head into work. Here, I am first met with Elizabeth! She started earlier this term and is working her way towards being an official notary for the school. After a pleasant exchange of goodmornings, I head over to my humble office with all of its wonderful accommodations. The office was lucky enough to get revamped with a mini fridge, coffee maker, and other useful office supplies. Here, I sit at my computer and get started on my narrative project. This project has months worth of work from the past three co-op employees and is pretty thorough process. Not only this, but the skills required to work with the CAMS system are skills that I did not have. This learning curve did not discourage me from future prospects. Because this takes up the majority of my time, it leaves me pretty preoccupied during the work day. When I’m not typing away on the computer, I’m helping Donna beautify the office space and do miscellaneous work.


This co-op so far has taught me so much about myself as a person and how I influence the world around me. I am enjoying the pace of this job and its perks. It has also taught me more about the registrar’s office and its importance. Resilience and patience go an extremely long way, and I think this opportunity was a great way of exemplifying it.

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