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So Good You Don’t Want to Leave: Bausch ’17 at Crotched Mountain School and Rehabilitation Center in Greenfield, New Hampshire

Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center has been a favorite co-op of Antioch students for many years. We were thrilled to re-establish this long partnership this past spring, when Izzy Bausch arrived to work as a para-professional educator. Upon their arrival, they were surprised to find another Antiochian employee. Russ Warshaw, ’90, arrived for his co-op at Crotched Mountain in the late 1980’s and is still there. Says Russ, “I planned on doing a co-op and ended up making my career at Crotched Mountain.”

Located on a hilltop in Greenfield, New Hampshire, Crotched Mountain is dedicated to serving individuals with disabilities and their families, embracing personal choice and development, and building communities of mutual support. Their services include a school and rehab hospital, the nation’s longest accessible trail, ATECH Services, Aquatics, ABA treatment for young children with autism, Cedars Point, Community Care, Equine Collaborative, Healing Arts, Outpatient and Residential Services, Sunnyfield Farm, therapeutic recreation and Wonderworks.

Izzy worked in the Crotched Mountain Residential School. The school helps students with multiple disabilities learn and grow in a therapeutic environment with the support of 1:1 para-professionals and a multi-disciplinary therapy team. Here is what Izzy says:

“This co-op has been very inspiring to me. I feel much more confident about my future career plans of being a child and adolescent psychiatrist. I am hoping that I will be able to help public schools implement better programs for students with disabilities, as I’ve heard a significant amount of complaints from parents of students with disabilities about the current state of many programs. These students are much more capable than many think, and should be given the same quality of education as an abled person. They are excellent students and it’s an honor to work with them.”

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<p>Izzy Bausch matriculated to Antioch College in the fall of 2013. He is originally from the Austin, Texas area and was involved in leadership, academic, and social justice organizations in high school. He chose Antioch College for its lauded social justice atmosphere, rigorous education, and unique cooperative education program. </p> <p>Izzy is an environmental science major primarily interested in zoology, botany, and how humans are affecting the environmental elements that animals and plants survive on. However, he considers himself a jack of all trades and is also very interested in civil rights, psychology, writing, and comic arts. He loves to combine these interests whenever possible and often finds interesting ways in which to accomplish this.</p> <p>Izzy has experience working with disabled students from his time at Crotched Mountain, teaching younger students at the Children's Montessori Cooperative in Yellow Springs, and doing various types of water related field work from his time at the Huron River Watershed council. He also has a solid set of other field work and lab skills from the various science courses he has taken thus far at Antioch.</p>

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