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Student Spotlight: Alana Guth ’18 and Coco Gagnet ’18

Have you been to a great campus event this quarter? Have you noticed and enlivening of campus spaces? Chances are, Antioch’s Events and Space Committees played a part! Alana Guth and Coco Gagnet, Class of 2018, are our current Events Coordinator and Space Coordinator, respectively. They both work tirelessly chairing their respective committees, and collaborate with one another to ensure that beautiful, welcoming, thriving spaces are available for the campus community and that events in those spaces take place without a hitch!
Alana is currently working to plan our next Community Day, which will occur on June 2nd across campus. Activities will include a pie-baking contest, lawn games, and trivia, among other things.
Coco’s focus this quarter has been activating Antioch’s newest student space, Weston Hall. She has worked to acquire furniture for the new space, organize student efforts to care for the building, and make Weston available for student and community events. She has also been working to relocate the various resources that were housed in the previous student union, Sontag-Fels.
Thank you Alana and Coco for your hard work and determination in our community!
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Ella Arnold is a fourth year Horace Mann Fellow at Antioch College. She is pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts in Visual Arts.

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