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Student Spotlight: Ben Zitsman ’20

Ben Zitsman, Class of 2020, is working as a co-op student in the Office of Admissions here at Antioch College. Initially, he took on various administrative and communicative tasks, including sending out some communications for the Office of Admissions. His position, however, has quickly grown into a full scale reboot of the College’s social media platforms. Ben was part of a small team that developed a social media strategy at the start of this quarter, and he has been working with students, staff, and faculty ever since to report on the everyday – and not-so-everyday – happenings that occur on campus. Ben says that over the course of the week, he receives email and in person communications from all over campus regarding events, programs, initiatives, and other things happening around Antioch, and he attends and reports on them through the Antioch College Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“Really it’s just walking around and trying to figure out what looks interesting.” That’s how Ben describes his daily activity on the job. He spends time talking to anyone he comes across to learn about what they’re doing, and he works to publish material on the diverse activities occurring throughout each day. “Making sure that Antioch is represented faithfully” and “accurately reflect[ing] Antioch to people who are interested in the school” are his primary goals in creating content, he says.

Ben will return to classes following the end of this quarter, but he says he has enjoyed the work and he hopes to continue this work during the rest of his time at Antioch.

Photo Credit: Ben Zitsman ’20

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Ella Arnold is a fourth year Horace Mann Fellow at Antioch College. She is pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts in Visual Arts.

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  • Hi, Ben! I just recently discovered “antioch engaged” and i’m exploring the website a bit.
    I’ve been close to the college since graduating in 1957. i try to educate myself about what’s going on at the re-born antioch. i plan to be on campus for work projects and alumni reunion later this month.
    irwin pomerantz