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Student Spotlight: Heather Linger ’17

Combining many of her passions — ­food, writing, art, design, cultures–­­ Heather Linger ’17 joined the great team at Lake Isle Press, a cookbook publishing company in the heart of New York City, for her third Co-­op! While at Lake Isle Press, Heather was able to get involved in a variety of tasks, from managing social media accounts and blogging, to editing final manuscripts and attending a national food conference. Beyond these daily tasks, Heather made a great impact on the organization by “improving publicity and marketing efforts through the shipment of books to national TV stations, magazines, radio stations, etc., and completing book award publications.” Heather states: “My work at Lake Isle Press has definitely enhanced my love for writing and editing and has increased my interest in the publishing world.” Check out one of Heather’s contributions to the Lake Isle Press blog here!


*excerpts taken from Heather’s blog

Photo Credit: Heather Linger ’17

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Tanya Couch serves as the Career Communications Coordinator within the Cooperative Education Program. In this role, Tanya prepares students for post-graduate success, by assisting in career development such as resume building, interviewing skills, online profile development, and providing general advice and guidance how to pursue a full-time work or graduate studies opportunity.

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