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Student Spotlight: Ramone Ritzhaupt ’20

Ramone Ritzhaupt, Class of 2020, is completing their first co-op as the theater production assistant at Antioch’s very own Foundry Theater. Their responsibilities on the job include but are certainly not limited to organizing the space, caring for the building, maintaining equipment, running soundboard for events, and working with local students, from Antioch and from Yellow Springs High School to create and organize various events and performances.

About their co-op, Ramone says,

“My experience with co-op has been wonderful. I never expected to work in a theater, but I was pleasantly surprised with my time here. It’s offered me a learning experience I otherwise would have never received only taking classes. It has provided me a chance to learn hands-on in a one-on-one environment with my supervisor, which can be difficult at times in classes. With my time here coming to an end, it feels bittersweet. I’ve greatly enjoyed being here and developing my skills, but I look forward to next quarter and taking classes once more.”
This quarter, Ramone has been an integral part of the community through their work at the Foundry, among other things, and has been ever-present on campus. Thank you, Ramone, for taking up this important work in your first co-op. We look forward to seeing what you do in the future!
Photo and text credit: Ramone Ritzhaupt, Class of 2020
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Ella Arnold is a fourth year Horace Mann Fellow at Antioch College. She is pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts in Visual Arts.

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