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Student Spotlight: Roland Scaife ’17, Meridian Howes ’17, and Tess Haskin ’17

For their third co­op, Roland, Meridian, and Tess ventured across oceans to Tel HaShomer, Israel to join the renowned team of Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein at Sheba Medical Center. Working as Research Assistants within the Radiation Oncology department, they played an integral part in exploring and analyzing data related to “internal mammary lymph nodes… in locally advanced breast cancer patients because there is a chance that they can become cancerous due to uptake from the breasts.” The students were able to examine hundreds of patient scans to identify a possible presence of cancer. Most notably, in their time there, Roland, Meridian and Tess were able to co­author an article, with Dr. Goldstein, titled: “The Use of PET­CT Imaging to Determine Internal Mammary Lymph Node (IMN) Location for Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning in Breast Cancer Patients.” The article has been submitted to a journal for review, and hopefully publication, a remarkable feat! Great work!


*excerpts taken from Roland Scaife blog assignment

Photo Credit: Tess Haskin ’17

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